The New Girl

The day after Thanksgiving, which happens to be Jon's and my six-year engage-iversary, my brother, Josh, proposed to his girlfriend, Ashley. Yes, my brother is marrying an Ashley. That means her married name will be what my maiden name was. Weird.

At the post-engagement party at her parents' house.

Jake and his new and future Aunt Ashley!

Jake and Granna partyin'.

Jake and his great aunt Emily!

Ashley's cousin's daughter drew this for them. Super cute.

My brother made the ring. Yep.

They like each other.

The fam.

Jake had fun at the party too.

He and Uncle Josh wore matching shoes.

It's hard to get a non-goofy picture of them.

But we got two good ones!

With my new sister-in-law!


  1. Congratulations to all on another Ashley in the family!!!

    That should provide a comical moment or two. Or three.

    Jake is growing up! He's such a cutie.

    Tell your mom hi and that someday I'll get a note off to her. I'm sure she'll hold her breath. NOT.


  2. a. The ring is pretty. He did a nice job.

    2. Your parents must be happy that both of their children are marriable.

  3. Congrats Josh! The ring and the girl are beautiful. Ashley-in-law!