A couple of weeks ago we were at the mall and Santa was already there. We went by just to look at him, but nobody else was there, so Santa called us over. Jake was still in his stroller, but he was reaching for me and fussing when Santa was trying to talk to him.
So in preparation for the real visit, we worked on pumping him up to see him again. We read Santa books and hugged stuffed Santa all weekend. Monday we headed to the mall with the cousins to see him. We went first. At first, I held Jake and just talked to Santa for a minute (luckily nobody else was waiting in line). I put him in S's lap, but he started crying. So I sat next to Santa and held Jake with him. After a minute I handed him off and got down on the floor under the camera...

Not too bad!!!
Then Alyssa Kate and Caroline saw Santa. Caroline was not thrilled. They took their picture, then we put all three up there. Caroline still wasn't happy, even when offered to get to hold Jake.

Jake just chilled in this one.

Last year...
It's funny how little Jake has changed.
Same face, just bigger guy.