13 Months Old!

I debated whether or not to continue the monthly Snoopy pictures. I've rolled my eyes at people who have continued the pictures after a year. However, I decided I didn't want to give it up yet. So deal with it.

He only wanted to smile with his tongue out.

The happiness and drooling still continues.

He can almost do a full sit-up on his own.
Especially when we hold his legs down.

He now has 8 1/2 teeth.
4 1/2 on top.

And four straight-up-shaped-like-a-W on the bottom.

As of late...

The child has finally caught up with the rest of earth and was 70th percentile on height, 50th on weight and rockin' the 98th percentile on head size. And he got his 12 month shots and got this super great camo band-aid because he was so tough.

Our trees in the backyard bloomed!

He has returned to the age of chewing on his socks and feet.
That age being 6 months old.

He has started to pull up on the coffee table.
Sometimes he stops to take a bite out of it.

And sometimes he finds the newspaper
or magazines on the coffee table.

He isn't crawling or walking or anything, but started his physical therapy last week. They said they think he's going to progress really quickly, and I agree. He's started making progress on his own at home too, with the trying to stand and pull up, and moving around faster on his belly non-crawling style (such as pushing backward across the room, or rotating in place.)


  1. so beautiful and growing up way too fast! did i miss something along the way? therapy? i don't know what it's for...but he'll do great i am sure.