There were several essential photo taking opportunities today.

This morning his eyes were super shiny at breakfast.

He's so happy at breakfast time.

I love Cheerios!

I bought the shirt he wore to church today back in the fall, hoping he could wear it sometime in the fall, since it was 6-9 months. It got too cold before he could wear it, but it shockingly still fit when I tried it on him today. So yay! I had to get some pictures of him in it. Yay argyle sweaters!

Mwahaha. I got what I really wanted... the lens cap!

Nothing makes me happier than a lens cap.

It's the most fun when you shake it around speedy quick.

I will smile if you let me hold the lens cap.

I will be sad if you take it away.

This afternoon, I pulled Jake around the yard in his wagon just for fun.

Wagon? Still love it.

Wait. What's Jack doing?

Don't I look a little suspicious?

Hey! I can lift this thing with my foot!

Whee! We're in motion and this is fun!


  1. Great pictures. I love the close ups at the top. I bet you have a hard time picking pictures to print b/c you have so many good ones!