Standing Man

Hi everyone! It's me! Jake! Mama already posted twice tonight, so I wanted my turn. Did she tell you I'm standing? If I'm sitting on her lap, I can pull up to stand! I can't pull up from the floor like some of my friends can, but I'm learning!

Tonight I was having fun playing at my music table!

It's way fun up here!

Mama had the blanket down for me to practice crawling earlier, so the table started sliding out from in front of me. My puppy Jack was chewing his bone under the table while I played.

It went slowly, but I don't know how to move my feet forward yet, so I just slowly rode down with it!

Oh. Well, the leg could be fun too!

See? It is fun!

Yay for me standing!


  1. Good for you, Jake! Now that you've discovered how much fun it is to stand up, you will want to do it all the time and I'm sure be pulling up then standing all on your own in no time!

  2. wow! Jake you are really growing up and smiling the whole way through...Way to go!