First Bad Hair Day

Jake doesn't have much hair. But today it decided it wanted to stick up all day. And no, this is not a big deal. I just needed an excuse to post some cute pictures I got of him today.

He woke up early this morning, so after he ate, we hung out on our bed for a while until time to get ready for church.

"Yeah, I know my hair is funny."

I love the big bed!

This picture is not to focus on the hair, but on the cuteness.

This is how the cool kids wear their shirts.
And by cool, I mean dorks.

I wet down his hair before we went to church and didn't notice until we got back that it still looked like this.

"Why, yes, I do know that I'm cute."
(aka Just Another Cute Picture of Jake)

Who needs flat hair? I'm taking after Mama's flyaway hair.