10 Months Old!

10 Months Old... That's 5/6 in fractions!

He is pretty much the happiest guy in America.

He's had a foot growth spurt recently.
He's been in 12-18 month socks for a while.

We celebrated being 10 months old with his first meat, pasta, bread, veggie, and fruit meal. He loved it!
(And I have NO idea what I'm doing, so I'm probably not doing this "real food" thing right. Oh well.)

Things Jake Is Up To:

He loves sitting on the floor and playing with his toys.
And taking off his sock.
And drooling.

He loves this talking puppy that Mimi got him for Christmas. You plug it into the computer and put in his name, and it sings and says his name. He thinks it's great!

He also loves all of the bath toys he got for Christmas. There is a flowing fountain with different kinds of buckets to put under the stream, and a boat with lots of different animals. This was the first night with the new toys, so we put ALL of them in there with him!

Pretty much everything else has been covered recently:
Two crooked teeth
Sort of pulling up
Not crawling
Sticking up hair
Being awesome

Jake and Jack have started "playing together" a little. Jake will grab Jack's rope and Jack will come take it away. It's great that they both seem to know to be gentle with each other. Jake will pet Jack and Jack just sits and lets him. Or this happens...


  1. Looks to me like you are doing not only this "real food" thing fabulously, but the whole "mommy" thing also! Truly I wish I had been as great as you are!

  2. 10 months?! That year will be here before you can blink. Glad Jake could come to the party, hope we can return the favor....but we shall see. Maybe I'll just send Griffin to represent the family ;)

  3. 你的文章讓我有種特別的感覺,請加油哦~~........................................