First Birthday Party

On Saturday, Jake went to his first "friend's" birthday party. Brennan is the son of Erica, who keeps Jake two days a week. They've also been in the same room in the nursery at church. The party was at a therapy play place near here.

Fun at the Fun Table!

Ball Pit!

Mmmmmm... Fun Table!

I'm in a swing! And it's inside!

Brennan really wanted that candle. And cake.

Happy Birthday Brennan!

It's my birthday! Yay cake!

After the cake, Brennan was waiting on his change of clothes and got a birthday eskimo kiss from one of the Statton girls.

Two Brennans!

Brennan's brothers playing during the party.

Brennan and Erica after the presents were all opened.

Parties are exhausting.

And when we got home there was this
weird dot of rainbow in the sky.
That's all.


  1. so cute!!! parties are exhausting and how great for him to be able to just close his eyes!

  2. Rainbow dot!!!
    How fun Jake!! Love that inside swing!