Everything Else December

Here's the rest of Christmas-y type things that happened last month.

Jake fell asleep after pulling his hat over his eyes.

We attempted pictures at church with the little camera.
They came out blurry.

Jake hung out with the snowman at Mimi and Pop's house.

Jake played with the Snoopy snow globe.

Jake had his own snoopy/sports tree for his room.

Complete with a Woodstock on top.

We finally got a tall tree!
And Jake got an assortment of First Christmas ornaments...

This is the first in the series of 1-5 that Hallmark sells.
I got him this one.

My mom got him this one since I was a pea pod
for Halloween last year when pregnant.

He was born in 2009!

And Mimi got him this cute picture frame ornament.

I took Jake out to the park to get pictures for our Christmas card. Here are some of the ones that didn't make it...

Smiley guy.

Always happy.

This one is on the card, but it's my very favorite so I wanted to show it again.

I'm on a bridge.

Oooooo! Leaves!

Two seconds later a face plant happened.

Holly bushes!

I love bridge.

This was our Christmas card.
Kind of looks like the top of this page, eh?
Sorry if you didn't get one. Consider this one yours.
And just a few more from Fort Worth...

Playing with the new toys with Grandude. And being a major cheeseball.

Flying Jake!

Dressed up for church with Uncle Josh.

And the Monday after Christmas, we got together with Erin and Gillian, the old college roommates and two of my BFFs. I've discussed them. Gillian, John, and Leelah were headed through Fort Worth on the way to Oklahoma and we got to eat lunch. Erin told us all about her boyfriend. Then three days later, at midnight on New Year's Eve... she got ENGAGED! YES! So you'll be hearing more about that as it goes along. Like y'all care. But you read this, so you'll have to deal.