Just Some Jake Stuff

This morning Jake was lying completely sideways across his crib.
Although he doesn't quite fit.

He recently sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time not in a car seat.

And he also rode in a shopping cart not in a car seat!
You can see his extremely crooked first two teeth if you click to make the picture bigger. Oh, the future orthodontist bills...

This was when the science department took their yearbook pictures.
(Wrong flash setting... came out really funny.)

Yet another sweater vest.

He hasn't quite perfected "mama" as it usually comes in the midst of some "baba"s but I caught him in the middle of a mama.

Happy man.

No shirt has ever been more true.

And it's been freezing here and is getting even colder.

This was just a few minutes ago. I hate cold.
I don't know why, but I signed up to sub at the school that is all outside tomorrow. Not smart. And when I mean all outside, I mean when you leave the classroom, you have to go outside to get anywhere, including waiting in line for the bathroom.
I'm already regretting this...


  1. He is too cute! I always loved when they were able to sit up enough to use the buggies at the stores and the high chairs at the restaurants....freedom!