Five Months Old!

Here we go again!

And a tongue.

Recent developments:

Sleeping in his crib (instead of next to me in the bassinet.)
That scrunchy face is because of the pre-flash on the camera.

Eating fingers (and toes) all of the time.

Trying rice cereal one day...
...and the next. (Didn't work. Even after thickening. Will try again soon.)

Drooling non-stop.

Looking cute non-stop.

Playing in the exersaucer, although not able to touch the bottom.

Playing the slot machines.

And reading (while drooling).

And this video sums up Jake's entire life in 20 seconds:

1. Chewing on things
2. Drooling
3. Playing in the exersaucer
4. Talking ALL of the time
5. Chewing on fingers


  1. he's so cute! do you remember how jack drooled ALL the time too?

  2. He be tellin' you!!! I love it. And I love how you started a lifelong love affair with gambling already. That's so special! But really, I just want to hold him forever! Until he gets all kicky and high school- graduate-y! Then it would get old for him! When y'all comin' back to Texas!?!?