First Time in a Submarine

Last week I just had D (the 6 year old) with me and we did the same boring things we always do. But this week I just had C (the 11 year old) and we got to have some fun. He's actually quite tolerable without his little brother around to pester.
I told C early in the week that we would go visit the WWII USS Razorback submarine and museum that's in the Arkansas River downtown. (FYI: It happened to be named the Razorback after some kind of fish. It wasn't named that after being put in Arkansas.)
We tried to go on Wednesday. We strollered on up to the desk and the girl just stared at me. "Um. We'd like tickets?" "Do you have some kind of carrier for the baby?" "No. We'll come back." Hmph.
So I borrowed a Bjorn from my friend Alisa and headed back there today. I saw why she was just staring at me...

Down in the sub... the view from above us.

That ladder behind us was what we had to
climb down to get in the sub.
See? That's why the staring happened.

C was extremely excited to be in the sub.
He LOVES the military and history.

Jake was also excited.

Chillin' while C pretended to drive the sub.

In the torpedo room. Or whatever.
And that's the ladder we had to climb back up.

Photograph by: an eleven year old.

I told you he loved it.

There was an inexplicably large number of turtles swimming around the sub.

So now we can add the "First Time in a Submarine" sticker to the first year calendar.