Three Months Old (Yesterday)!

Jake turned three months old yesterday. My mom, Jake and I were all driving back from Fort Worth and got back late, so I took the pictures of him with Snoopy last night, but wasn't able to put them up until now.

He's not really as chunky as he looks. It's just the way he's sitting. Although he is quite bigger than last month.

And here are a few of Jake's current skillz:

Chatting on the webcam. This was while we were in Fort Worth, but we get on it a lot with Granna when we're back at home.

Chewing on his thumb or finger.

Chewing on his whole hand while wearing awesome hats.

He was really going after that hand that night.

Grinnin' like a ham.

Listening to (with some looking at) books.

Working on mastering the art of holding up his head.
(Pardon my makeuplessness. It was still early in the day.)

Drooling. (See shirt for example.)

Grabbing stuff.

Lifting up his legs and kicking and moving them. (Constantly)

And talking. This was this morning while my mom was here. He was really going there for even longer than the three minutes of the video and we were both filming it. I know most of you won't watch the whole thing, but he does some really cute stuff throughout the whole video if you have three minutes to spare.

When I get around to it (hopefully tomorrow), I'll be posting pictures from Our Week in Texas. There are some good ones!


  1. He is a true genius...learning so many things! What a cutie!

  2. Precious, precious! What a joy. man, I'm so sad I missed y'all! I couldn't remember which date you said- so sad. I should have written it down. Next time- we're there! He's growing and growing and I love his smile!

  3. What a cutie pie! I am lovin' the HUGE grin!