A Week in the Fort

The family I work for is out of town for two weeks, so Jake and I got to go visit my family last week in Fort Worth. Here are some of our adventures.

Jake was excited about going to church on Sunday.

Grinnin' at Granna and Granddude's house.

Let's all just stare at him.

This event never happened.

We spent one day at the fantastic South Lake Town Square shopping center. He was as excited as his mom was to go to Crate and Barrel.

He loved the Corner Bakery.

And got excited about Pottery Barn.

Cheesecake Factory was the best!

Thanks for bringing me to South Lake, Mama!

I wish I could say this was the first time he'd french kissed a dog.

We went to Central Market for dinner one night and ate out on the patio and listened to live music.

We visited Great Grammy again.

But he got bored pretty quickly.

Hanging with granddude.

Enjoying the gifts that Granna's friend, Debbie, gave her for Jake to use when he's there: A cute book, Wide Awake Jake, and an I Love Grandma bib.

He found some yummy food at the best restaurant in Texarkana, Amigo Juan, on the way back to Little Rock.

Looking adorable back in Little Rock with Granna.
Thanks for a great week, Granna!


  1. LOL...the french kissed by the dog pic is adorable!!!

  2. He is such a good baby!!! Claire is just getting to the point where I can take her to Walmart or Wendys (Cheesecake Factory would escort us to the door). You are so lucky. :)