It's Been Too Long...

I just looked back and realized I hadn't done a Funny Things post since JUNE! Whoa. Sorry about that. I have a bunch to catch up on, so I'm going to break it down into more than one post. I'll start with the ones that are already on my computer then move on to the ones that have been on my camera for months. Off we go...

Sorry... was I being too loud?

That, my friend, is a commitment to a 15 year old news story.

Someone is probably very bad at Pin The Tail On The Donkey.

Wow. Just wow.

This was really funny to me. It was in the Children's Science Museum bathroom.

White guy + huge afro = hilarious.

Poor baby with no butt to attach his legs to his body.

Sounds fun!

This is about the fanciest street in Little Rock (in the neighborhood where I work) and that was stuck to the sign for probably two months. It was really funny.

Now that's just funny. (Back from this summer.)

This was on a fancy little store in a small town square in Texas. Bling bling jewelry. Ha.

At least the people in the picture above this one spelled the word right!

Jessica Flower Pot's... handles? decorations? What belongs to the POTS?!

Mmmmmmm... bisquits.

Yuck. Bird services.

"Product may vary from items shown... While supplies last. Offers not available at all locations." You'd better hurry up if you want one of those straw hats. You may be disappointed to not find these items exactly!

This facility provides diaper changing equipment... RIGHT HERE!

I want to join THAT institute.

Obviously, but for what?

When all else fails, use duct tape.


  1. Very funny! I appreciate how you are fighting grammatical incorrectness in AR. Keep it up!

    If you could only pass on that "me" is to be used as object of preposition or direct object, even if it does come after "and" as in "He gave the present to Joe and I". So wrong. Gave it to me! Me! If you could find a bumper sticker with that on there, I would laugh loudly with you. The laughing would be done by you and ME. (Not you and I). :) just a little pet peave.

  2. So great. I like the baby with no butt. Hope Jake has a butt. Wait 'til you see that baby butt- it is soooo cute! I see your hiney all bright and shiny. You better hide it or I'm gonna bite it! You have to sing that song to him during bath time. It's tradition.

  3. Funny stuff! Keep finding them for those of us who don't see things the same way you makes me laugh!