32 Weeks!

Here I am at 32 Weeks aka 8 months aka pineapple-sized baby.

Well, actually 33 weeks is pineapple-sized, but 32 weeks is something called a jicama which I've never even heard of. And 31 weeks was "four oranges" and that'd be pretty hard to hold with one hand. So I went with pineapple.
The nursery is finally coming along. And by coming along I mean there is paint on the walls and there are almost no boxes from moving in. I have my first shower next weekend and Jon's mom and sister are ordering the crib for us soon, so it will get a lot better pretty soon.

Useless factoids at 32 Weeks:
Belly Button Status: Still not an outie (yay!) but the edges are starting to stick out just a little bit, but not enough to show through clothes.

Swelling: None! My rings still fit just fine, as do my shoes. And I don't have cankles.

Contractions: Yep. They're not too often yet, but when I get them, they kind of stop me. I had to stop walking through Wal-Mart today, not because I couldn't walk, but because it was just more comfortable not to. I know. They'll get worse. That's why God created epidurals.

Kicking and Such: Jake's always moving. He moves the most when I'm sitting down and kicks/punches/karate chops the hardest when I'm lying on my right side. It honestly feels like he's kicking my right hip bone. Who knew the uterus went that far over?

Breathing: Not going as well, but I've figured out how to push him out of my diaphragm and back to where he belongs. His favorite thing to do, though, is simultaneously push up on my diaphragm and down on my bladder. I may have said that last month, but it's still true.

Indigestion/Heartburn: Not back yet. Not looking forward to that. But he's so low, it may not be as bad as I expect.

Well, that's about all. 8 weeks to go...


  1. you look sooo cute! love that little pineapple!

  2. What a fun time...the cute baby bump, the anticipation....and I love the name you picked! Jake is one lucky little boy!

  3. When did he drop!?! What colors are the nursery? Theme!? So excited!!!!!!