Guess What Tomorrow Is!!!

American Idol starts again tomorrow! Woo! I promise not to go overboard with the AI talk this year like I did last year. I'll wait until Top 24 time to really talk about who I like. That whole writing-down-everyone-who-comes-on-screen business last year wore me out. Although it did get me a lot of blog visitors. Unfortunately there are still three weeks aka 6 episodes aka WAY too many hours of audition episodes, but there will be two weeks of Hollywood Week, which leads up to the announcement of the Top 24, which is great. We'll also see what everyone thinks of this new chick judge. It could be nice to have a sober female judge on the show.
For anyone who has joined me since last year, or for those of you who need a refresher, I will point you to my Top Ten Pieces of Advice For Auditioners of American Idol that I posted last year. It pretty much all still holds true. Enjoy the first few weeks!


  1. Reading the post on American Idol was just as funny this time as last year! I'm looking forward to American Idol...we really need to watch together as it gets closer to the finals...Watch Party!

  2. We really get a kick out of watching the auditions. I think the new girl is a nice addition.

  3. I enjoyed your advice piece. My husband and I always say they need to avoid Nirvana. If Cobain sings it then keep it that way. lol

    And already not a fan of "New Judge." She just likes to hear herself sing.