Jack and My Belly

They say that dogs are supposed to sense pregnancy and may become more protective or careful around you. Not our genius. Jack's smart and all, but has not at all become aware of my belly. He still jumps up on me, walks across my stomach, and acts like there's not a giant thing growing out the front of me. However, a few weeks ago, he was lying on my belly and I happened to have my camera sitting right there by me. Here's the cuteness:

From my point of view.

Yes. I offer to you a late-at-night-after-shower-wearing-pajamas-and-shirt-sitting-weird picture of me and Jack because it's so cute.


  1. Isn't he so adorable!?!? Those are great pics. :)

  2. Very cute! Grace is a lot more "protective." Not aggressive or anything...she just doesn't like me to be left alone. She will follow me from room to room unless Brian is at home. So sweet!