We Finally Know!

Well we went to the doctor yesterday and finally got the long-awaited ultrasound! She squirted the goo on my stomach and asked "So... do you want to know what it is?" She got a quick response of "YES!" so she moved the camera dealie over to my side and KA-POW:

This is the very first thing we saw. No searching. No questions asked. There he is.
31.8% of you were right.
So she kept looking at everything else and made sure it looked good. It did. He was only one day off of the average size for where he should be, so that's good. (He's measuring 23 weeks 6 days at 24 weeks. Good job, kid.) After 15 minutes of looking at everything, he would never turn away from directly facing the camera, so instead of one of those cute little profile pictures like everyone else gets, we get this:

Little alien skull face baby. Isn't he so cute?! Looks like he's also raising his fist at us. "How dare you bother me? I'm busy playing soccer with a bladder here!"

We'd have other pictures and videos and stuff, but BOTH of the discs we took had nothing on them when we got home. I will try to go back and see if they can make another disc. Hopefully that will work, but for now we just have the few pictures they printed for us.
I know your next question is if he has a name. Answer: no. We'll let you know as soon as we decide. Check back in a couple of days to see my growth for 24 weeks. I seem to be getting bigger every day. It's great.


  1. Dude! You weren't kidding about the You-know-what!

  2. LOOK AT HIS TUMMY!!! yeah y'all did get all up in his bidniss.

  3. Congratulations!!! i am glad everything is well.... i have heard alot that boys love their mommies! so let's see:)