24 Weeks and First Presents

So for those of you who were wondering how I was going to hold a fruit/vegetable and hold up more than the number five, here's the answer:

24 Weeks aka 6 Months aka Corn-sized baby
(You can't buy corn right now at the store, and then my printer ran out of ink, therefore you get a printed picture of rainbow colored corn rather than the real thing.) Also, it's weird how very different the sunlight is in this picture than in all of the other pictures. Same time of day, same place, different sun. (Yes, I know the time changed, but one hour shouldn't make that much difference.)

So as soon as we found out that it's a boy, I went to Target and picked up a couple of things for him. I love Mommy and I love Daddy! :) And yes, we're wearing blue in honor of his boyhood.

His first gender-specific gifts. Friday night Candice (Jon's sister) gave us these adorable outfits that she went out and bought on Friday afternoon. They are both super cute, but I love the little longjohns with kneepads for a 0-3 month old!

Sunday Jon's dad gave us his first of many future Cowboys outfit.

Last week Boss Man was in College Station on business and came back Friday. He got out of the car and said "I guessed wrong," and handed me this. So freakin' cute! I was so sad because this was the sweetest thing he's done in the 16 months I've worked for them. I told him not to worry, because hopefully the next baby will be able to wear it.

24 Week FAQs:
Q: Do you have a name picked out yet?
A: Nope.

Q: How are you feeling?
A: Still good. Thanks.

Q: Do you feel the baby moving?
A: Yes. It was general movement inside and random pokes like kicks, until this past week and especially the last few days when it's been a BUNCH of kicking. He was kicking me in the lower stomach area for the entire day Saturday. It wouldn't have been too bad except it was in the exact same place all day long.

Q: Is the nursery getting ready now?
A: Nope. I was waiting to find out gender and then will go looking at bedding at Thanksgiving with my mom and will work from there. I'll keep you updated.