Kid Quotes 353-380

I totally forgot to finish these with my last year of teaching quotes. This was 2006-2007: Fourth grade lovelies in Texarkana. Find me (and the other two teachers!) in the second picture to get my (our) opinion of the majority of the group. Especially that kid.

First day of school finish-the-sentence assignment: "One day I would like to... own three Hummers."

"I went to Mexico once. There was this HUGE LAKE!"

Kid 1: Apollo 11! I saw that movie!
Me: It was Apollo 13.
Kid 1: Yeah, but it was boring so I changed it to Cartoon Network.
Kid 2: What's Apollo 13?
Kid 1: It's a spaceship that came after Apollo 11.

"I wonder what it would be like to just live under a whole bunch of desks."
**This is probably my favorite quote from all four years. I randomly say it all of the time.**

after I put on goggles for a science experiment...
"That's what GENIUSES do when they're going to do an experiment!"

...and later when they wore them to do their own experiment another kid said...
"I feel like a genius scientist in these things!"

Me: The rover on Mars takes pictures of the planet, like these.
Kid: How do we get the pictures?
Me: The rover sends them through space.
Kid: Do they, like, shoot them out of a cannon or something?

"When did no become k-n-o-w?"

"I think I broke my stomach!"

"Don't ever touch a black man's radio!"

"You look like you don't have a stomach!"

"Hey! I left my jacket in my desk this weekend. How you been doin' baby?" (to the jacket)

walking down the hall looking at armpit... "Yessssssssssssss!" (Me: What?) "I'm finally getting hair in my armpit. I'm turning into a man!!!!"

Kid: Did you know there's a volcano in Japan called Fudge???
Me: It's Fuji. Have you ever heard of Fujifilm?
Kid: No, but I've heard of fudge!

"Are those candy or erasers?"

about the snails I put in our aquarium...
"I hope no French people come! They'll eat 'em!"

after school outside at parent pick up... right after the kid asks me if I'll take him home (he's black, I'm white, by the way...)
Kid: Did you see that? That kid got in the car with him and he's not even white!
Me: WHAT? Are you saying black people and white people can't ride in a car together?
Kid: Yeah!
Me: Didn't you JUST ask me to take you home in my car?
Kid: But you're black.
Me: What?!
Kid: Well, you're a light skinned black.
My pale friend: Well, what am I?
Kid: You're black on the inside!

"My heart is beeping really fast."

"I don't want to go home. I'm not one of THOSE kids. I like to stay at school."

while shooting off film canister rockets...
Kid 1: Is it World War 1 again?
Kid 2: He's talking about the Civil War!

"Is tomorrow Monday?"

"I'm ready to grow up and be a grandma!"

"If C------'s stomach hurts, then we're like twins."

"I figured out you and A----- yesterday. You both have REALLY long toes!"

"See you never... until tomorrow!"

Kid: (pointing at Chris Jones) Christian Cherry just hit me!
Chris: I'm Chris Jones
Kid: OK, Kristen Joseph.... I'm not making fun of your name. I'm just really bad with names.

"Do you think the mayor could adopt me? That guy's rich! Then I could have one of those toilets where you just say "flush" and it flushes, and half of it's gold and half of it's silver!"

Kid: I feel sorry for Japan because of the earthquakes.
Me: Japan's biggest problem is volcanoes.
Kid: And Godzilla!


  1. i love that your dog has the same name as my kid! what can i's a great name! xoxo

  2. how do you remember all these quotes?

  3. I liked the quotes. Pretty funny. There was one particular one that after I read it the first thought to my mind was Rush Hour. Which one was it?!