Wedding, Ikea, and Such

I'm back from The Fort! It was good to see the 'rents. On the way to The Fort, I stopped in Texarkana and went to the wedding of one of my friends I taught with, Jennifer. It was a really really long ceremony, but the cake was great!

And the groom's cake... His (their) last name is Benedetti.

Sarah and I saw the coolest upper-end-of-middle-aged person you've never met, Diana Landa. She teaches third grade at the school where we used to teach.

Here they are with their FIVE combined children. Whoa.

On the way to take pictures, we caught her and her new hubby.

All of the friends from Texarkana.

The church had an amazing red door that I loved.

This was a reposing of a picture that we took Halloween '06 at the Fairview Elementary. This one:

After the wedding back at Sarah's parents' house.
I get out in the sun more than she does.

So then I went to Fort Worth. Monday my mom drove us to Ikea in Frisco. Love that place! We spent several hours there and she ended up spending about $50 on me. (I could have spent a million. Easy.) The two big things I got were these:

I got one of these swirly mirrors (without the ugly chair reflection).

And this cloth drawer thing for my bathroom. Fits perfectly!
I got that cloth on top at Pier One this weekend too. It's a placemat but I knew I wanted to use it in my bathroom somehow since it matches my curtain so well. It works perfectly too!

There are fake rooms set up in the Ikea for decorating ideas.
This was funny every time.

Another day we went to Garden Ridge and saw this hilarious thing. Mom modeled.


  1. Your friend's wedding cake is SOOO cute! I love the picture of you all pulling her back. That should be in everyone's wedding album. I love Ikea too. You found some great stuff. Did you hit up the mall in Frisco too? It's a good one. Looks like you had a fun time. Always nice to get away.