The Fest of River

I seem to recently be really bad about posting pictures in a timely manner. On Memorial Day weekend each year, Little Rock has this huge thing down at the Arkansas River called Riverfest. It's huge. It lasts all weekend. We went all weekend.

Friday night we saw Huey Lewis and the News. (Yep. Bad picture.)

This lady with a glowing headband and glowing tambourine really enjoyed the show.

Saturday we went back. When we got to the concert area, we saw this guy with the weirdest shoes ever.

We saw Better Than Ezra.

And One Republic. (I know. Bad again.)

Jesus was there.

Saturday my BFF Sarah came into town and went with us. She went with us on Sunday too. Here we are riding the shuttle to the fest. It's the only picture I got of myself all weekend. And yes, we're wearing the same shirt. That happens a lot. I also took my new camera that night.

When we got there we walked across the new Junction Bridge across the river.

This is the Little Rock side crossbeams.

This is the north Little Rock side crossbeams.

Pretty sunset on the Arkansas river.

That night we saw ZZ Top!

It smelled like marijuana.
And lots of people were taking high quality pictures with their camera phones.

Then fireworks!

These were weird parachute-wearing fireworks-on-a-string. (Better if you make it bigger.)

We ran into two couples from our Sunday School class on the way to watch the fireworks, so we sat with them and their adorable children.

Watching the fireworks.

So precious.

Mom and the kids.