If you've been watching ABC at all over the past few months, you have seen flashes right before the shows come back from commercials for one of the best shows ever canceled. Back in the winter/spring of 2001, The Mole premiered on ABC. I watched it in my dorm room. My roommate may have watched with me. I don't remember. The second season started in the fall of 2001, but for some reason was only on for a few weeks. They finally finished the season in the summer of 2002 and I watched it with my three roommates in our apartment. It was great! The next two seasons fell into the unfortunate format of "Celebrity Edition" and weren't as good but were still fun.
Great news, though! After six years, the original Mole is back on ABC starting tomorrow night! You have to watch it! If you love The Amazing Race, you'll love The Mole. They're nothing alike, but are equally awesome and are the two best reality shows on TV. The premise is this: Twelve people will be competing in several challenges during each episode. They are working to earn money that will go into the final prize amount for the winner. Some challenges will be group tasks and some will be individual. They will earn money for completing the task or for however many people complete the task. HOWEVER, one of the twelve people is The Mole and is sabotaging the tasks to keep them from earning the prize money. They won't be able to sabotage every task because they'd get caught, but they have to try to do as much as possible. At the end of each episode all twelve contestants will take a quiz about who they think The Mole is. It will ask questions such as "Which team was the Mole on in the whatever challenge?" or "Who was The Mole sitting next to at dinner?" and so on. The person who gets the fewest questions right is kicked off. (Or in the case of a tie, whoever took longer to finish the quiz.)
You really really really should watch. It's a great show. I don't want it to be canceled again. I'd love it if it would come back for several or lots of seasons. Watch it! Tomorrow night (Monday) on ABC at 10/9c. Do it!


  1. Hey! So I watched (of course) and enjoyed it a lot. I noticed some interesting things and have an idea. Not that I think I am right because I am really bad at this game, but just trying to consider things. I hope you enjoyed the show and I think you should post about your thoughts on the show :)!