Starting Over

My first spring semester of teaching first grade (Spring 2004) we learned about apples and seeds. The students all planted other kinds of seeds and I planted the seeds from several apples that we had cut open. It sat in the window of my classroom until summer when I took it home and it moved out of the cup into a bigger pot. Over the next four years it went through good and bad times. It almost bit the dust in the summer of 2005 when my apartment was so hot I put a blanket over the kitchen window, forgetting about the apple tree behind it. It recovered and got moved into a bigger pot. I found a picture on my computer of my messy kitchen when I was packing before we got married and there's my little apple tree in the background!

It moved with me to Texarkana when Jon and I got married and got big enough it needed to move outside onto the porch. It continued to grow and get into bigger pots. Then when we moved to Little Rock in summer of 2007, I accidentally left it in the backseat of my car for several days and it got scorched. It started to get better but I wasn't consistent in watering it so it passed away. It did get pretty big!

I had to use the three stick method to keep it standing up because I probably hadn't given it enough root space at some point and it was skinnier than its poor "trunk" could hold up.

It was about 15 inches tall when it died.

Well, I decided it was time to start again. Sunday night when making my apple pecan cheesecake I looked at the seeds and decided now was a great time. (Little did I know it was going to snow two days later.) So I looked at my seed collection...

And picked out three little guys that looked like they were already starting to sprout a little bit...

I planted them in the same pot giving them good root space from the beginning. They're going to be inside until the weather stays warmer.

Good luck little guys!