A Strange Journey

It's my first winter in Arkansas and I expected some snow. Back in January it iced one day and I thought that was about all I was going to get. Here was my car that day after driving from work to home.

Then yesterday morning Jon woke me up and said it was snowing. I got to sleep late yesterday and when I got up and eventually left, this was all that was left at our apartment:

Quite a bit on my car

But basically none anywhere else.

Then as I drove across town I noticed that there was a little bit more snow on the trees on the highway.

As I got off the highway, there was some on the median.

Then there was more on the sides of the road in the foresty areas.

Then as I approached their neighborhood the grass was covered!

Then turning into their neighborhood, the houses were covered too!

When I turned onto their street, even the road was mostly covered.

A beautiful house covered in snow in their neighborhood.

Pulling into their driveway.

Their front yard with view across the street.

Their beautiful backyard (above and below.)

I just couldn't believe how much of a HUGE difference there was in the amount of snow just a few miles apart. It was so beautiful! All of it around town melted by yesterday afternoon, but the snow at their house was still hanging out this morning, but mostly melted by this afternoon. However some huge blizzard or something is supposed to start Thursday night and last until Friday, so maybe I'll get some more pictures then.