Sorry For Almost Trying To Kill One of You

I have this nifty little thingamajig from circa 1974 that I use to chop up nuts when baking. (It's way cheaper than buying the already chopped up nuts.)

View from bottom of chopper:

View from top-a-chopper:

Well, I was getting things ready to make another delicious cheesecake for a Sunday School thing tomorrow night. The recipe called for pecans so I got my huge bag of pecans out of the freezer. (A student gave them to me from his pecan orchard last Christmas and I've had them in the freezer since then.) Apparently pecans are WAY harder than walnuts, the nut I usually use in recipes, because I was having a really difficult time getting the chopper to work.
I finally got my 3/4 of a cup of nuts and mixed it in with the rest of the cheesecake topping. As I was mixing it together though, I spotted something shiny in there...

WHAT THE...? What is that?! After a moment of pondering... Ah! One of the tines of the chopper! Yep. Nuts were so hard they broke part of my 35 year old chopper! Boo! Then my mind raced to the thought of what would have happened if I didn't see that in there before putting it in the oven. That would have been HORRIBLE!
So, Sunday School girls, be glad that I found it. I ended up with a cheesecake that I think is going to be one of the best yet. And so I present the completely metal shard-free finished cheesecake:

(Yeah. Picture's blurry. What of it?)


  1. My mom has the same chopper!!! I'm a little scared to try the cheesecake, but maybe I'll be brave!

  2. Don't worry! I searched VERY carefully through the rest of the topping. There's nothing in there. Promise!

  3. Oh no! That's just like knowing there's bits of egg shell in your food, but you can't get it out. Glad you saw it. Live and learn I suppose.