Kid Quotes 221-240

July 2005 we got married and I moved to Texarkana. I moved on up to fourth grade math and science. Here are the goobers I taught...

All three fourth grade classes

My homeroom

And here are their first 20 quotes. I lost about half of them from this year due to a computer malfunction so the list is going to be pretty short for fourth grade year one.

"If you quit, that will ruin your career!"

"They made this shirt look like it's from the MALL, but really it's from WALMART"

Kid: You ever been to Dallas?
Me: Yes.
Kid: You been to the Tom Thumb?
Me: I've been to A Tom Thumb NEAR Dallas.
Kid: No! IN Dallas! Mesquite!
Me: No I haven't.
Kid: My mom used to work there and she gave me three chicken strips.

"Recess is when you're supposed to get out all of your talking and joy."

Robert: "Can Robert read now? I like saying Robert. Robert. Robert. Robert."

Kid: singing... "Everybody in the club get tipsy"
Me: Don't sing that!
Kid: Ok... (singing) "everybody in the school get an education"

Me: In which stage do mosquitoes bother people?
Kid: Adult!
Me: Yes. Good.
Kid: Man, if that mosquito bother me in my ear (pronounced rrrr-uh) then he'd be smashed. Without a grave."

Kid: Do you know who B's going out with?
Me: No. Who.
Kid: H! Don't you think that's, like, bending reality??

"Didn't Michael Jackson dye himself white?"

"I know what I'm going to get you for your birthday! Duct tape and a tazer. You know, so when these people get bad..."

we were all out in the hall together during a power outage...
Teacher: What does mild-mannered mean?
(other kids answer, then...)
Kid: I had mild hot sauce once!

Mispronunciation of the Day: "I wasn't talking about a pacific person!"

"Didn't money invent greed?"

Kid: How do you spell papa?
Me: huh?
Kid: Papa. Like papanickel bread!

(walking up with his arms open) "I need a hug... or some Lays."

"I don't get it! This question is ASKING A QUESTION!"

Kid: What's wrong with your face?! (looking at a picture of me)
Me: I wasn't wearing any make-up.
Kid: NEVER do that again!

"My middle initial comes right after my first initial in the alphabet!!!"

Kid: "A" broke my pulse!
Me: Broke your pulse?
Kid: Or at least popped it!

Why she walked through the shade instead of the sun: "It's hot in the hotness!"