My Biggest Fan

Alright. Time to own up. Who is on here all of the time? The newest thing I added on here last week will tell me the list of every time a specific IP address comes on here. Somebody in Little Rock has been on here this often (that's the date, time, and how long they spent on the page):

Jan 8 2008 8:20pm 2m
Jan 8 2008 6:08pm <1m
Jan 8 2008 12:59am 5m
Jan 6 2008 4:11pm <1m
Jan 6 2008 1:25am 8m
Jan 5 2008 5:52pm 1m
Jan 4 2008 7:43pm <1m
Jan 4 2008 2:10am <1m
Jan 4 2008 1:12am 19m
Jan 3 2008 11:44pm 6m
Jan 3 2008 11pm 7m
Jan 3 2008 10:27pm <1m
Jan 3 2008 7:15pm <1m
Jan 3 2008 2:27pm <1m
Jan 3 2008 12:23pm <1m
Jan 3 2008 1:53am <1m

Well... who are you? (You do realize that I will know if you've been here and haven't told me who you are. Not that I will know who you are, but I'll know that you've been here.)


  1. Ashley-it may be my computer. I have a blog checker so it checks all of my blogs every few minutes for updates. Don't worry, I am not stalking you!


  2. I checked your blog today, January 9, at 10 pm.


    PS, I've started keeping track of my own kid quotes, b/c I love reading yours...

  3. Elementary, my dear Ashley!
    Great Pics but!


  4. I'd be afraid of Tara, she's the stalking type. lol
    Neat that you can see when and how long people visit the site.