Kid Quotes 141-160

Sorry. I forgot about these. Here are the next 20. This is still first graders.

talking about the American Revolution...
"Yeah, we beat England twice. Once there and once at the Alamo!"

Me: Why do we have Independence Day on July 4th?
Kid: Because that's the day George Washington beat the whole world!

"Last night I dreamed that you took 10,000 minutes off our recess!"

Kid in other class after school: "My best friend is in your class. He's the one that came in and stood right here and then did something."
Me: "Who is it?"
Kid: "I don't remember his name."

first thing the six year old said when she walked in the door... "I'm wearing my mom's panties!"

Me: Before George Washington was president he fought to help make our country free.
Kid: You said fought.
Me: Yeah, fought.
Kid: You said FOUGHT!
Me: I know, fought is right.
Kid: That's not a word! It's not fought!
Me: Fought is right. You probably say it wrong and say "fighted". It's fought.
Kid: You said fought again! That's not right. It's fighted!
Me: I promise it's fought.
This continued for probably about two or three minutes...
Another kid: Yeah, it's fought!
Kid: Oh, ok.

"My grandpa has been in 10 or 20 wars and has never died!"

so Most Annoying Kid had been missing out of the room for about 15 minutes... I called to the library to see if he was still in there, but he wasn't so I then headed to the bathroom to investigate. I called into the bathroom... "MAK?" "yeah?" "are you alright?" "yeah." "hurry up, you've been in there a long time" "ok". So I head back to the room and am most of the way down the hall when I hear yelling down the hall "Miss Hartman!" from the bathroom. So I go back down and am almost there and say "yes, MAK? are you ok?" and he replies, in shouting mode, for all to hear...
"There's peanuts in my poop!"

First Grader Thoughts on Kissing:
"You have to wear chapstick when you kiss."

"Kissing is just like this. (she quickly kisses her desk) Smooching is kissing for a long time."

"When you get married, are you allowed to kiss then?"

"Boys do too wear lipstick! Because when they kiss a girl they get it on them."

"If it's below zero, you can't kiss your husband or you'll get stuck that way for a really long time."
Other teacher: How was your day?
Interrupting kids: Gooooood
Other teacher: How was YOUR day?
Me: Second day in a row of not going to recess because of rain? It was FANTASTIC!
Kid: Nu-uh! It was no-tastic!

Kid 1: She's putting up her middle finger!
Kid 2: We put up our middle finger to Ohio when we moved away from it.
Me: "?!"
Kid 2: What? We did!

Kid: Your ring is as pretty as... a tree!
Me: Pretty as a tree?
Kid: Prettier!

"These shoes are really old! I've had them since I got them!"

"How do you spell "uh"?"
(me: "uh?")
"Yeah, like 'I have uh dog'"

Kid: How do you spell m?
Me: M?!
Kid: Yeah, like the letter m.
Me: um, M!
Kid: oh.

"When girls get all frilly, how come they get all googly-eyed?"


  1. That's really funny Ashley. Kids are too funny. My first day of teaching 3rd grade we were introducing ourselves and a little boy said, "If I would have been born a day later I would have been a girl." ???? What do you suppose that means. LOL