Five Quick Things

1. I found out who my mystery guest is: my husband. Sneaky guy.
2. I now have $655 for my camera!
3. I had visitors to my blog today from Portugal, Turkey, Belgium, India, the United Kingdom, and France!
4. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon for Fort Worth for my grandfather's funeral. We'll be back on Sunday night.
5. In case you forgot...

That's THREE WEEKS from tonight! Whoop!


  1. Be sure to check out when you're ready to buy your camera and accessories. Their prices are fabulous, and their customer service is great, too. I ordered a camera from them and had to change the shipping method the next day. They updated the shipping without a problem, and the camera even arrived two days ahead of schedule.

    PS. I got her via Pigs' blog.

  2. I replied back on our blog, but if you are like me you probably never go back to the place you left a comment. I only paid $50 for my used GPSr from e-bay. --Dirk