Great Website

Wow! 25 hits in the last 2 1/2 hours? I guess a few people are reading this! I know some of those are people who have clicked on a picture to make it bigger and then hit back, but still. Thanks Sarah for making me feel loved.

I'll be back to posting pictures tomorrow night, but for now I just wanted you three people that read this to know about this site. I've had it in my side links, but most people don't look at those. This site is kind of like the pictures I've been taking. It's Found Magazine and they have a ton of pictures of things that people have just found and most of them are really funny. They've had the site since 2002 so there are alot. Enjoy!


  1. I saw that website a while back--so interesting! I also thought of you because on flickr there is a group called "stick men in peril" and its all the pictures of stick men on those warning/caution sign everywhere. SO funny. Anyway, I wish I had your ability to spot/appreciate the funny/unusual. We are leaving for a road trip today, maybe we'll find some gems! --Kathy