Funny Things 141-160

Funny Things: Special Edition
Local Grocery Store

Ah. Good ol' Local Chains. This is a small chain of "grocery stores" in Texarkana. I drove by one of them on the way to school every day and hardly ever looked at it. It happened to be on a corner that had a stoplight, so when stopped I would look over there sometimes. One time I looked over and thought it was funny what words were visible:

Breast milk!

A few months later I was driving by and noticed that the sign looked like this:

I thought it was funny because I figured someone was just dumb, but then it continued for the next many many weeks. It really just made my Wednesday morning. I hated going to work and that made me just a tiny bit happier. So here are the ones that I got pictures of.

And because I didn't have 20 pictures, here is my last picture in these Funny Things.

It's been good. I will post them in tens from now on. Stay tuned for future issues.


  1. This post wins the best funny award. Ha!

    I can't figure out which one I like best - "breast milk 2 for $1", or the "2 leader coke" or the "naners" or the upside-down apples for 59 or 56 cents. (reflections are not my strong point)