Funny Things 41-60

Reminder: Click on any picture to make it bigger.

Now this is just stupid.

This could be seen at my old school during the month of November. Courtesy of the cafeteria ladies at Fairview Aerospace and Environmental Studies School.

They showed off their creativity again in February.

You are looking at the red sign. I hope you don't have an altered vehicle.

Are they leaving because they are mad or just tired of playing?

I hope they let us know when it's NOT going to be that.

Apparently that's what they call "stairs" around those parts.

This is just kind of creepy.

Aren't you excited?

"Y-o-u-r. Y-o-u-apostrophe-r-e. They're as different as night and day. Don't you think that night and day are different? What's wrong with you?"
(If you click on that link, wait until the end and click on the beefy arm to hear this sung.)

I guess they couldn't get together a dollar to buy a new one.

This one is less funny and more disgusting. This was at the sewage treatment plant that our principal made us go to last summer. That brown water behind it is sewer water. Yuck.

For some reason my friend Sarah thinks that this is about the funniest thing ever. This is leaving our church here.

Sometimes, when you're writing a sign, you should make sure you know how to spell a word that you're going to write multiple times on said sign.

Which way should I go?

What an awesome combination!

I don't trust someone with ridiculous "creative" spellings like this to do my tackses, kleaning, or anything else.
This guy pretty much treats everything.

I mean, seriously. Check out this lady's boobs.
The words are pretty funny too.

This was on the water heater at my apartment in Fort Worth. I was just amazed at the extremely long ellipses on here. (FYI: Ellipse = ...)


  1. Yeah, I'm a nerd. I figured that out about 5 seconds after I commented.