Funny Things 161-180

Well, I didn't expect to get 20 more pictures so fast! So here we go!

I took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese's today (which, by the way, is just about as fun still as it was when we were kids and it was called Showbiz Pizza.) There was one game there where they sat on a chair, strapped in, and pretended to fly a plane while the chair moved slightly with their motions on screen. Apparently it's the most dangerous thing ever invented, because all of these warning stickers were on the ride somewhere, with several of them being on there multiple times:

I'd really avoid playing, riding, or getting near that game, much less putting my rectangular open-topped briefcase with handles on the step area of it.

Also at Chuck E. Cheese's. Um, there's a baby in that thing that lady's wearing. Creepy.

This is hilarious. It's the ticket counting machine. Don't get your necktie or long hair near it.

The next six pictures are proof that someday I will get in a wreck while taking pictures of things on the road.

Something's a little off here.

This was at 7:15 this morning. This girl was just standing there waving at traffic holding her election sign. Someone else was still out there at 6:00 tonight.

This one's kind of hard to read. Let me transcribe the right window: "Locked out your car? Need a tow for the low... Call ??? Auto -- Used tires for the low 13" & Up $10 & Up"

Quite a variety of bumper stickers

One definition of two-tone paint

Yep. That's what you think it is.

I guess my neighbor just wanted his car seat a little more comfortable. (His window was open.)

Old picture: A store in Dallas. Apparently it's a chain.

Another oldie: Something about this was just funny to me: "Beer to go"