Pumpkin Patch III

The third and final pumpkin patch... I'm almost caught up to November. On the last day of November.

We headed out to our third pumpkin patch
when my mom came for Halloween.

Getting ready to head out to the patch.

Yes. I was there too.


Checking out the patch as we rolled up to it on the "hay" ride.

Scoping out the pumpkins.

I was going to let Jake pick this one out, but they had some
super cool pumpkins, so I did the choosing. I really like
the one I found. I had to pick up probably 40 before I found
one that wasn't rotten. This was a real deal patch. Not like those
"stack-of-pumpkins-lined-up-in-a-row" patches.

He really enjoyed this building/fort
that they had in the play area.