Arkansas State Fair

I may never catch up with blog posts... We went to the state fair. Jake had a good ol' time.

Chillin' on the tractor.

My BFF Sarah went with us.
She was terrified of the giant cow.
As was I.

Jake didn't want to get close to the
cows, but liked them from afar.

Seeing the baby ducks.

Watching the piglets chow down.

And some chicks.

That horse is my size!

Watching the poor baby ducks.
Forced to lean over the drop-off to get food.

To go sliding like this.

The obligatory state fair corn dog.

And he got to ride his first amusement park ride!
He totally loved it.

And we ended at the petting area, where the
donkey, zebra, and camel lived together.
Just like in nature.