Josh Got Married!

My brother got married! This past Saturday, July 2nd, we welcomed a new member to our family. And her name is... Ashley. Hey! That's my name! Yes, her new married name was my maiden name.
Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend. If you care to see more, you can look at my album on facebook about the event.

We took Jake to get his suit for ringbearing on Thursday.
He loved himself in it.

At the rehearsal dinner, the flower girl kept coming
down and entertaining Jake. It was really sweet.

(In case you were wondering how to get a two year old to instantly love a stranger... Get a picture of her. Put it in a CD case. Let him carry it around for a couple of weeks, constantly talking about our new friend. When he sees her, he will recognize her and love her right away. Totally works.)

Rehearsal. First time it's just been the four of us in a picture in forever and ever.

The fam.

Catching a ride with Daddy.

Wedding day. My main men all dressed up.

Keep cool and entertained, talking into the fan.

Just a little Risky Business (while his pants were being hemmed.)

My brother's getting married!

Spiffy McGee

Josh wanted to rock the short pants/white socks look with Jake.

Jake's "pillow"
AV and JH are their initials.

The fam after the wedding.

Dancing with his WIFE!

Dancing with Mom

They had a photo booth!
These are just some of the pictures that our family took.

With my new sister.

Leaving to sparklers for the (almost) 4th of July.

Again, if you care to see some more pics, go here.