Jake The Ringbearer

So Jake was the ring bearer. We all went into it knowing anything could happen. You know. Since he's two. I knew that he wouldn't make it all of the way, because when he is being told to go somewhere, he frequently stops, laughs, and runs the other way. Like so...

The flower girl did such a great job keeping him going. I had started out with him at the back and told him to "Go to Josh!", then ran down the room along the side of the chapel, jumped back out at the front, sticking my head out into the aisle to get him to go the rest of the way.
I felt bad because I didn't notice ahead of time that his shirttail was out. (Sad face.) I had been nearly wrestling him in the back of the church to keep him from running off and that's what happened. Oh well. He made it to the front and entertained everyone.


  1. HA! That's hilarious. Well, he was cute as could be and made it to the front so he did great! How boring would it be if he just walked straight up there? So precious. Yay Jake!

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