First In Flight

We took Jake's first flight last weekend when we went to Fort Worth for Mother's Day/birthdays.

I'm excited!

Checking out the other passengers.

Our plane is here!

Yay flying!

What's out there?

Reading up on the safety guidelines.

Browsing the SkyMall mag.

Finding the most interesting thing
near us: the screw on the armrest.

We did not get near the engine, as it warned us.

Jake and his Grandude

One time he got really really tired.
And also had a ridiculous sized head.

We celebrated my mom's and my birthday.
My name made it on the cake this year!

Unlike last year.

Jake helped blow out the candles.

Unlike last year when he just sat there.

Mom and her kids near Mother's Day.

Jesus has a lawn care service in Fort Worth!

Chatting with Great Grammy.

Chillin' with Uncle Josh.

I realized I didn't take any pictures with Jake on Mother's Day (just like last year) so we took a few before he went to bed. His tongue is out all the dang time these days.

On the way back to the airport, we drove by Six Flags. They're deconstructing the Texas Giant!
(I hate that ride, though, so I don't care.)

Just relaxin' on the way back to the airport!