Congrats Wes!

Jake's Uncle Wes/Jon's sister's husband/Alyssa Kate and Caroline's dad/The guy I never talk about on here... graduated from law school today! Congratulations Wes! We didn't go to the graduation itself, because Jake wouldn't have stayed quiet and because Wes said that if we weren't going to shed a tear when walked across the stage, we shouldn't have to go. So we just went to the party afterward! Funny thing is, I have no pictures of Wes. But I did get some good pictures of Jake. It was at the Arkansas Bar Association building by the river.

Yep I'm cool.

There is something way more interesting up in the trees.

Walking with Pop.

Pop tried to get him to balance.

Chatting with Pop.

Oops. Jake's blurry.

The fam.

With Aunt Candice and her trendy new glasses.


  1. Wish I could have been there! I'd have shed a tear for you....

    Jake is the cutest thing ever! (though you knew that already) Love the pics.