Remember Funny?

I swore when I was pregnant that this blog wouldn't become All Jake All The Time, but it pretty much has. Sorry. Here's a flashback to the good ol' days of funny randomness.


Front of the same car. My favorite is the one on the rearview mirror.

One of the personalized bricks in front of the Clinton Library. Hm.

Funny independent of anything else, but this was on a pump at the gas station which increases its hilarity exponentially.

What kind now?

Message: no.
"I heart heart": very yes.

Holy healthy.


1. The Scotch tape
2. "For sell"
3. The random other piece of tape on the side of the van.
4. It's a poster board.
5. The roll of Scotch tape is still on the bumper.
6. The bar code is still on the posterboard.
7. The Scotch tape!

Sometimes you just need to...

...haul some swimming pools down the freeway.

This car changed from orange to pink as you drove by it!



You missed.

It took me a while to figure this one out.

Nope. I need more info please.

Thanks, Inaccurate Grammar Gas Pump!

This guy kept me from accidentally getting Supreme.

Or one at regular price.

How old is this newspaper?!

Two of my favorite cuisines!

Just me.

World's fanciest speed bump.

Really, Verizon Wireless?

At least they're consistent.

This is awesome.

This girl chose the wrong jacket to wear. Ever.


  1. O.K.

    Where's Big Jake?