Jake's Monday

When we got to work today, C-man was going out of town and left notes.

Including to both of us.

D, Jake and I went to a local church that has an indoor playground. Nobody was there when we got there so Jake got to play a little.

He enjoyed the slide.

And climbed up the levels.

And went across the rope bridge.

This afternoon Jake discovered his laugh. He's been giving little single laughs up to this point, but not long giggles like this. The other voice you hear is D trying to help me make him laugh. If you don't want to watch the whole thing, the second half is better.

Tonight he figured out how to get all of his toes in his mouth.

"What? They're good!"

All the toe eating wore him out and he fell asleep in the middle of the living room.


  1. Every now and then I take a quick peek to see how Mr. J is doing; I've always been in a hurry and have never left a comment, but I'm leaving one now (it'll keep me from kitchen duty a minute longer).

    I'm not sure what I enjoy the most about visiting your blog - Jake's expressions, the pictures themselves, or your captions!

    It's a treat to say I know you :)

    Cheers from your folks' former neighbor, who tried to plant azaleas with your mom every year and failed... every year -


  2. Now that laugh is the cutest thing ever! That has to make you soooo proud. ;) Learning new things every day.