Spot On

I hope y'all saw this skit/commercial on SNL last week. It absolutely describes my mom perfectly. There are TV shows that she's been watching for YEARS that she can't name a single person's real or character name. She'll be 2/3 of the way through the season of a reality show (Survivor/Big Brother/etc.) and only be able to tell me one or two names, but usually just gives a vague description. ("I don't look at the names when they come on the screen!") Then she'll tell me about a movie that she and my dad watched:
"We watched a movie tonight."
"Oh yeah, what was it?"
"I don't remember what it was called, but it had that guy that was on that other movie about the..."
Almost every time. She'll remember the name of the movie OR the name of one of the actors. Rarely both. I was so glad we were together when this skit came on. Apparently lots of moms have this problem. I'm glad she's not alone. She was laughing along with it.

I told her that if they made a sequel to this, it would include word-for-word the conversation that I had with her this past Saturday night. She was describing the end of the CSI: New York season finale and was describing who was in the scene. She doesn't know anyone's real name or character name so this is how they were listed...
"Captain Dan" (Gary Sinise)
"Karinkidink" (Melina Kanakaredes)
"Hill - Obama's Guy" (Hill Harper - I'm proud of her for knowing part of his name.)
"Kelly Clarkson" (Anna Belknap - Someone who "looks like Kelly Clarkson")
"And that weird lab guy/girl" (I don't know which person that is because I don't watch it.)

And that's who's on the show.
Love you mom! You're cute! And not alone!


  1. OK...that is funny! Things like that eventually happen to all us moms, so begin to get all this "kid" stuff in your head and all the important info flies right out!...