First Trip to Texas!

We went to Fort Worth last weekend for Mother's Day/my birthday/my mom's birthday and Jake met some family members for the first time.

Tired of driving.

Hanging out with Granddude.

Being held by Granna. This happened a lot.

Taking a nap with Uncle Josh and cousin Jigga.

A little stressed about being extremely vertical on the ride in Granna's car to Grammy's apartment.

Meeting his great-Grammy.

My mom not realizing that I also wanted to be in the picture.
(See the top left corner!)

Meeting Great Aunt Emily... or just Emily.

I think she likes him.

Having a chat.

Meeting Great Uncle Jack.

In case you were wondering, we were in Texas.

Hanging out with Daddy.

And meeting "Aunt" Erin. That was a yawn, not a scream, by the way.