Recent Cuteness

Can't. Stop. Taking. Pictures.


He looks yellow when surrounded by yellow.

Whatchu lookin' at?

His pirate look. So cute in primary colors!

In one of his Sunday get-ups.

Smilin' man.

Little tongue.

Excited about something.

I know I'm cute.

He's developing a double chin.

Hey mama!

I know how to smile for the camera!

Grinnin' away!


Haven't you taken enough tonight?

I've been waiting for him to fit into this one. I love it. And yes, there's spit-up on the sleeve. He's only spit up three times, and of course one of those times happened to be on the way home that day before I could get a picture. I did anyway.

In a funny little onesie that I wasn't really a fan of until I put it on him. Cute for hanging out around the house.

Still sleeping in the car seat! Just a nap this time.