Two Weeks Old!

Ok, so I planned on doing the typical "Take a picture of your baby next to a very large generally creepy stuffed animal every month" pictures, but I forgot until yesterday. So I found my very old Snoopy that used to be my mom's and then mine and now wears a shirt featuring himself. So Jake's now two weeks old and is a very sleepy baby.

I also plan on featuring his very large feet each month.

They're twin sleepers!



  1. WE LOVE YOU JAKE! HAPPY 2 WEEKS OF LIFE OUTSIDE THE WOMB! Sorry I yelled all that. I'm just excited. Excited your avatar lady finally had her baby! He's so precious- Jake!

  2. Oh my goodness, gracious. He is so cute and that is my 'unbiased' opinion, of course.

    Thank you for the new photo. I enjoy seeing them and sharing them at work.


  3. I think we need compare Jake's foot with Griffin's foot :)