It's Been Too Long (Part 3)

Finishing up the backed up folder of Funny Things... here are the rest that I have right now.

Well. That's pretty straightforward.

I'm almost positive that this car belongs to our old neighbor. You can see in this post from a long time ago that he had an amazing hood ornament. I even commented on it to him once. He told me he was planning on getting a new one that was a pig with wings. And seeing that's what this is...

Guesses? Anyone?

This started out as a clever way to promote their leaf pick-up service. Now it's just a bag of garbage in the median.

Notice the 5th part of the directions isn't colored in like the rest of the bullets. Has anyone actually ever done this?

Greatest post-it note warning sign ever. In my favorite restaurant in Fort Worth. (I know, Gillian. It took me long enough to post it.)

That is a GIANT baby! And it can throw away its own "towel"!

At Sonic. Lots of synonyms. My favorite is "cruising in."

mmmmm... kay

Likes to type?

Yeah. Me too. (By the way, the three pictures above were all taken the same night in the hospital parking garage. I should totally visit there more often.)

I'm thinking of getting this for my mom. Except she's getting an actual grandbaby soon, so it wouldn't be as funny.

Good for you.

Classy. And dangerous. That lady should definitely be wearing a welder's mask just in case.

Colorful soap! That's all. It just amused me.

Well, that pretty much covers it all.

There was a caravan of three of these cars driving around one day. It was just weird.

That's one way to avoid buying a new window for your Jeep.

You know, when I think about mini-blinds, I also think about tasers. What about you?

I think they like their dogs.

Is it so bad to just stick the sticker to your window? Is this in case you decide one day you don't like America anymore?

Very small advertising.

Alrighty then.

And finally... probably the best license plate I've ever seen. I was driving down the freeway and it was icy and dark, so I didn't get a picture. But because it was so great, I recreated it on some license plate maker program online. And here it is...



  1. i just wanted you to know that i have actually used a hand dryer to dry my hair!

    we used to do it to be funny in high school, but they also came in handy in locker rooms after swim meets (and our school mounted a couple up high for hair-drying purposes)!

  2. We bought several Razor scooters over the last couple of months. All of them come with a sticker that reads, "This product moves when used." Hmmmmm...wheels and handles. Who'da thunk?

    Ben DeBusk