Alright already!

Fine then. Geez. Apparently people DO visit this page looking for updates. So you ask for updates, updates you'll get. Last week we moved from Texarkana, TX to Little Rock, AR. I had the principal from Hades in Txk and she hated me so much that she didn't renew my contract for next year. Within a few weeks, Jon got a job offer in Bryant, AR (right by Little Rock) and we decided this was as good a time as any to pack up and move on. Here are a few pictures from our adventure.

This USED to be our desk. We got the unfortunate assignment of an upstairs apartment. It made it up the stairs but not through the doorway. Our over-ambitious brother-in-law decided that he was going to try to get it through the door on his own. It hit the door frame and collapsed into this situation.

Luckily that led us to the opportunity to buy a new real/not from Wal-mart desk. This beauty will be delivered to our apartment next week:

We have ALOT of stuff. I rented the biggest u-haul that u-haul rents. They laughed at, perhaps even scorned, me for getting something so big. We ended up filling it completely. Who's laughing now?

This is when it was almost empty. Some of this stuff went to our storage facility. That's what happens when you move from a three bedroom to two bedroom apartment.

This is our neighbor's absolutely amazing hood ornament.

His super-expensive rims (and tires along with them) were stolen off of his car the other night. He was embarassed because he was just telling my mother-in-law the other day when we moved in how quiet and safe the area was.

And last but not least... This is what happens when you accidentally leave a cake in the back window of your car. For six days. And it's 90 degrees outside.

Unfortunately, we have no pictures together recently. I'll try to take care of that soon. Also, I'll take pictures of the new place when all of our furniture is here and those last few boxes are unpacked. Until then!


  1. I'm glad the move went well. We are packing and moving right now as well, not fun!! I hope you enjoy your new place!!

  2. Hooray! Thanks for the update, shmo.

    And I totally read that last picture as "coke" instead of cake. I was very disgusted that a coke would do that. But the cake isn't so bad; I'd just put some ice cream with it. ;-)

  3. It was very dried out due to the fact that the lid had melted into its current shape.