The Day of Birth

Hey! It was my birthday today! Last night before I left the boss fam's house I said something to the effect of "Tomorrow's my birthday. I don't want to clean your house." So I didn't. I slept late, but not before two people called and two people texted to wake me up to tell me Happy Birthday. I slept super late. Throughout the day I got four more texts, two more phone calls, 17 facebook comments, one MySpace message, and one card in the mail. It was my most acknowledged birthday ever! It was pretty great.
I got ready and headed out for a pretty good day.

I got a coupon for a free birthday sandwich from Schlotzsky's. I love that place but don't go there much because it's not much for how much you pay for it.

Yay free sandwich!

Then I headed out to the Scholastic Warehouse sale where everything is 30-80% off.

That place is huge! (And the whole building isn't even in the picture!)

This morning I googled "Places that give you free stuff on your birthday" and got myself a coupon for a free "Love it" (a.k.a. medium) ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery! Score!

After picking up the kids and staying with them until I took C to scuba (yes, scuba) I went and picked up my ice cream, which I enjoyed late tonight with no makeup and lots of chins.

When I got home, Jon had bought me flowers, as well as a cheesecake! (Sorry. Didn't take a picture of the cheesecake.) I told him I just wanted to eat Taco Bueno and watch American Idol tonight and we could go out on Friday for a celebration. So that's what I did.

This is what else he gave me. Three excellent movies and some pearl earrings!